5 Ways to Balance Your Hormones Naturally

Hormones are like couriers that send chemical messages throughout the body, sparking important signals that enable various processes throughout the body and influencing almost every aspect of our mental and physical well-being. Are you experiencing raging adult acne, horrible periods, dry skin, uncontrollable mood swings, persistent weight-gain, or the inability to lose weight no matter what you do? Or perhaps your period stopped all together and your sex drive has become that of your grandmother’s? I have to tell you, you are not crazy, old, nor are you broken. If any of these scenarios sound familiar to you, please read on. There is a way out. I will share with you with five of the best ways to balance your hormones naturally and regain your sanity, your sex life, and your waistline.

Why are hormones important?

Hormones are extremely important and are responsible for regulating most major bodily processes, so when they are out of balance it can affect us in a multitude of way such as:

  • difficulty regulating body temperature

  • weight gain around the mid-section

  • insomnia

  • sexual dysfunction

  • thyroid disorders

  • insulin resistance

  • weight-gain

  • hot flashes

  • emotional fluctuations

  • infertility

  • anxiety

  • low libido

  • memory loss

What causes hormonal imbalances?

If you are human than you’ve experienced hormonal imbalances at various stages of your life. We think about the big ones such as puberty, pregnancy, and menopause, but we give little thought to what comes between, or the reasons they get out of balance in the first place. Numerous offenders contribute to our hormonal imbalances including:

  • Viruses or parasites

  • Sedentary lifestyle

  • Toxins

  • Obesity

  • Poor nutrition

  • Birth Control

  • Stress

Ok, so you’ve read this far and I know you are dying to know the key strategies to balance your hormones and find relief RIGHT?? Okay! Here we go.

Five ways to balance your hormones naturally

I will not tell you that all hormonal imbalances can all be treated on your own, because that would not be true. While you can do a lot, there are times when you should seek support from an integrative doctor, or an alternative medicine expert. That being said, you have the ability to make massive changes staring with what you eat. These five strategies can provide an amazing starting point.

1.Remove inflammatory foods

As a Health Coach, and a believer that food really is medicine, I approach almost every client’s problems initially through dietary changes. Eliminating (at least for awhile) know inflammatory foods such as refined sugar, gluten and dairy first, is always the starting point. Replacing low nutrient, highly processed foods with high quality vegetables, fruits, protein, and fats will help to eliminate cravings, and keep hunger at bay. Is it EASY? Honestly…no, but if you are tired of the symptoms and tired feeling like crap, it’s really not that bad. Think of it in terms of the 4-6 weeks within the rest of your life. Focus on how amazing you’ll feel when you’ve done the work and celebrating the wins will be crucial for your success.

2. Balance blood sugar

One of the biggest contributor to weight gain, diabetes, and heart disease is due to insulin resistance. When we constantly feed our bodies with sugary, carbohydrate dense foods without adequate physical activity our cells get overloaded and as a result our body can no longer process insulin properly. Ensuring you add in fat, fiber and protein with each meal will help to eliminate large insulin spikes throughout the day. In no time you’ll be able to say goodbye to your former “hangry” self.

3. introduce adaptogenic herbs

Adaptogens are herbs and plant medicines that have been used for thousands of years throughout the world. They help your body handle everyday stress, and can be a great way to balance your hormones naturally. In today’s life we are surrounded by stress. Whether it be during your commute to work, an overbearing boss, or trying to juggle being a working mom/uber driver/chef/wife/house cleaner (you get my drift), we all face daily stress. Being in this state day in and day out causes our body to go into a sympathetic state, aka “fight or flight”. Not only does this cause our digestive system to crap out, it increases the hormone cortisol, which is a major contributing factor to that excess tummy fat that won’t go away no matter what you do. Ashwagandha is my #1 favorite adaptogen and is something I take daily. Some other great ones are rhodiola and holy basil.

4. Drink way more h20 than you are right now

I know you know that you should drink more water, but you still aren’t doing it. Here’s why you need to make it a priority and get used to taking many more pee breaks than you are right now. We need water to flush out excess toxins that build up in the body from everyday, modern life. We also need it to flush out excess hormones that if not eliminated, can re-circulate back into the blood stream. YIKES!

Add in fresh lemon, mint or fresh fruit to make it easier if you struggle with plain old water. As a goal you should be striving to consume 3-4 liters per day, or 1 gallon for the American folks.

5. get tested

If you’ve implemented all of these key strategies and really given it time and your full effort and are still not feeling 100%, perhaps it’s time to go get tested. I personally get a full blood panel done every six months, and a DUTCH test every 1-2 years. I love the DUTCH test for it’s comprehensive assessment of hormone levels. There are some traditional doctors that have not yet bought into notion of an integrative approach and I have heard from many women who have experienced resistance from their GP when they asked for additional testing. This is where you need to stand in your power and be your own advocate. If they refuse, look for another doctor.

We are all different, so not all of these methods may work for you, but they did for me and I wanted to share.

I wish you the best of luck on your hormone balancing journey and if I can support you on a deeper level through my 1:1 coaching program I would love to hear from you. Click here to book your free call.



Why the "Hey Girl!" dm's made me hide my business

If you’re on Facebook or Instagram, chances are you’ve been dm’d by a complete stranger asking you to look at their network marketing business. It may have looked something like this.

“Hey girl! Love what you’re doing! You’d be great at what I do!”


“I see you’re into health and fitness. Here’s my 36 page DNA report. Take a look at it and tell me what you think!”


“I like you’re page…let’s get on a phone call”

DM #1.jpg

Can you relate, or am I the only one? Here’s why I became a target for women looking to recruit into their business. I’m a health coach and a self-development junkie, and it shows in all of my social media posts. What you won’t see often is me promoting my company, or it’s products directly. In the network marketing world, I would be considered a great prospect. I mean, why wouldn’t a fit, professional, positive momma want to join a company that promotes and supports health and wellness?

Here’s the problem, and the very thing that made me hide the products I deeply believed in. Two likes on a post, followed by two comments does not constitute relationship building!! Asking someone to do work when you’ve not even asked them any questions about them, their life, or their big goal is forceful and impersonal and ladies, and it’s a complete turn off. I have asked specific questions about products I’ve been presented and hear crickets. If someone asks genuine questions about your product, ANSWER THEM!

Whether you’re WHY is to simply make some extra money to pay for your kid’s hockey, or maybe your dream is to quit your corporate job, building a business takes time, consistency, and requires you to build relationships. I know it’s scary to put yourself out there, unsure of what to say, how to say it, and what to do if you get questions you don’t know the answer to, but just do your best and if you don’t know, find out.

The more I got these types of messages, the more I hid my own company in the closet. Each time I got a new friend request, I was waiting for it. Deep down, I never wanted to make other women feel the way I was feeling. I never wanted them to feel used, liked briefly, and set aside when it seemed too hard. I didn’t want to play games, or feel like I was back in high school again, trying to fit in.

The ironic thing about it all, is that I’ve met a lot of incredible women in the on-line space and we’ve cultivated deep and inspirational bonds with each other that I couldn’t find with most women I met in person. The woman that enrolled me approached me through Instagram, and I absolutely loved her energy, her vibe, and everything she stood for! So the fact that it WAS possible kept a sparkle of hope within me, but the fear of being like “them” kept me quiet.

I’m certainly not an expert, and am still finding my way, but here’s what I do know about this business:

  1. You need to believe in the products. If you don’t eat them, put them on your body, or in your home, you aren’t going to “sell” others on them either.

  2. You need to resonate with the team.

  3. You need to build and foster relationships even if it takes months, or years.

  4. You need to find “your own voice”. You’ll be provided scripts and dm prompts which are helpful, but you need to make them your own.

  5. You need to stop being creepy….like, really. You need to just stop it.

  6. Give value to others. Find ways to support and encourage them without the expectation of something in return.

  7. The compensation plan needs to be easy to understand and even easier to explain.

  8. The cost of entry is extremely affordable if entrepreneurship is your goal.

  9. You don’t need to quit your day job to make it work.

I’ve questioned myself and my company more times than I can think of and I keep coming back to these main points:

  • I resonated with the company’s vision and mission from day #1.

  • I am inspired by my mentor/leader/up-line.

  • I use the products every single day and so does my family.

  • No product is going to replace exercise, healthy food habits, and having a positive mindset.

  • Pyramid schemes are illegal. Network marketing companies aren’t.

  • NWM is not a get rich quick opportunity. It’s actually a business and it takes time and effort to grow.

  • Putting yourself out there is scary, but there is a reward at the end if you’re willing to push past comfort.

My intention isn’t to bash these women who’ve approached me in the past. I get it! It’s not easy starting a new business and trying to build a team. It’s uncomfortable and often times really scary. We all want to be accepted, and rejection is hard BUT I believe it is possible to build your dream business and hang with inspiring boss babes BUT do it in a way that feels authentic and true to you.

Have you had a similar experience? If so I’d love to hear from you.

xo Tarrah

Ready to learn more about how to unlock the power of food to heal your body, heal your hormones and feel the best you’ve ever felt? If you want to have an in-depth conversation about the ways I can help you support you with your hormone, or health challenges so you can feel more in control of what’s happening in your body,  book a free 30 minute health history with me by clicking this link

Transformation is Not Linear

I see you reach out to me and you’re all gung ho but when it comes down to making a commitment and helping yourself… you go quiet. My guess is that you’ve been doing this your whole life. How long is this going to go on where you play yourself, seeking help and answers, but never taking the steps to do it?

It’s time for a bit of butt kicking with a side of love babe.  If you have some big and lofty goals that you want to achieve for yourself, whether it be for your health or your life, you need to listen up.

Do you spend entire conversations complaining about your symptoms, pain or struggles?

Do you avoid the beach or getting naked with your partner because you are embarrassed?

Are you exhausted?

Suffer from joint pain, weight gain, or brain fog and accept that it’s all ok?

This is no way to live.

When it comes to transformation it is not linear!  Healing your body involves a deep commitment. It requires patience and an understanding that things will go wrong. The scale won’t always budge, and you will fall off the wagon, but you don’t give up. You simply tweak where you are and keep moving forward.

My journey from fitness freak, food controller, and stressed out momma has been a long road. It’s required changing habits, and re-defining my definition of health. I sought out every traditional and holistic practitioner I could find, from Osteopaths, Naturopaths, Doctors, Massage Therapists, and all the way to Psychotherapists, and Shamanic healers. My journey taught me that I will never fully arrive at the end of perfect health. I’ve found protocols that work, until they don’t, and then I pivot. You learn about your body, how it’s speaking to you and you give it what it’s asking for. This is what I teach.


What happens if you stay where you’re at?

What happens if you do the same, which is nothing? Are you willing to feel that way for another 10-20 years?

Wherever you are you must do the uncomfortable work and dive in right where you’re at. There is never going to be the perfect time to begin. Your health doesn’t work around your to-do list, or wait for the right time to start. If your body is breaking down right now, it’s not waiting until you have some time to address it.  

So when it comes to doing the work and achieving those health goals, it starts now. Take imperfect action. The journey will get messy along the way. But you have to keep going and keep tweaking and not give up on yourself.

I’ll start on Monday, or when I’m back from my trip!

This is failure mentality babe! The failure to recognize that you have the power within you right now to make a choice that supports your future self, and your future health which will lead to a more vibrant, powerful, energetic purposeful life.  

You don’t have to be stuck.  I’m here to support you. Don’t hesitate to reach out.  I’ll help you dive in, do the work, and get the support and the accountability you need. More than anything I’ll give you the structure so you know exactly what you need to do, when you need to do it, instead of having to second guess everything or to try and find your own solutions.

STRUCTURE is key to making this shift happen. If you’re ready you can apply right here, and if you want to learn more, click here.

xo Tarrah

The Early Bird Gets the Worm - Why Waking Up Early Can Make You More Successful

Does the thought of waking up before the sun rises make you cringe? You’ve thought about it but believe you’re a night person and are simply not wired to rise before the sun? Read on as I explain why hitting the snooze button could be holding you back from being a productivity powerhouse.

You’ve probably heard that successful people are notorious for being early risers. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson says “I'm up at 4 am everyday to work extremely hard BEFORE I go into work, not because I'm bat shit crazy (well maybe a little), but because I know my competitors are not paying that price and sacrificing to that degree - and that will always give me the edge and anchor for an opportunity for success.” Other powerhouses such as Richard Branson, Apple CEO, Tim Cook, Oprah, and Michelle Obama, all attribute their winning results to waking up early to get a head start in their day.

Although each of us are genetically predisposed to wake and sleep at different times, it IS possible to make some simple changes that will have you up with the birds in no time. Let me be clear before going further, cutting down on the hours you sleep (less than 7-8 hours), to get more done is NOT the goal. In fact, too little sleep can lead to unstable blood sugar levels, metabolic disorders, decrease immunity, and an increased likelihood of developing depression or dementia. Too little sleep will make you more likely to make poor dietary decisions, skip workouts, and be less productive at work. So if you’re wired as a night owl, how do you change your genetic code?

Your genes will dictate your tendencies, but your tendencies are not your destiny.

To start reprogramming your body to wake up earlier you need to get serious about the rest of your day:

  • Ensure you stop drinking fluids by 7:00 pm. Yes…we know getting our fluids in is important, but waking up throughout the night for 1-2 bathroom breaks will not give you the REM or, deep sleep you need in order to wake up feeling fully rested

  • Avoid intense exercise 3 hours before bed. Revving up your engine puts your body into a sympathetic state, also known as the fight or flight state. Being here slows down digestion, and increases your body’s inflammatory response, making it harder to fall asleep

  • Coffee, we’re not going to get into this one because you already know better. Stay away from caffeine 5-8 hours before bedtime!

  • Wind down at least 1 hour before hitting the sack. This means turning off the tv, ipads, phones, and any other piece of electronics that emit blue light. Blue light is known to disrupt our natural circadian rhythm, otherwise known as our natural sleep cycle

  • Take your magnesium. Dr. Mark Hyman, MD calls it the relaxation mineral, promoting better sleep

  • Stop hitting the snooze button. Once you’ve committed to owning your day and waking up at 5:00 am, DO NOT go back on your word. It may feel hard at first, but stick to it and in time you’ll likely be waking up before your alarm

Now that you’ve gotten your body reprogrammed to wake up earlier you want to practice, practice, practice. We all know that changing habits can be hard. Here are some prompts that you can read to yourself everyday, until waking up early becomes as routine as brushing your teeth.

  1. I want to wake up early so I can go to the gym and be as physically fit as I can.

  2. I want to start my day early so I can meditate and gain better clarity in my life and business.

  3. I want to start my day in a relaxed and peaceful state.

How Create Your Dream Morning Routine

What would feel great when you master your alarm clock? Your favorite cup of coffee or tea? Reading your favorite book while wrapped in a blanket? Meditating to clear your mind? Creating your dream morning routine means choosing things that will inspire you to break your old habits. Waking up to a pile of laundry, a messy kitchen, or aggressive emails is not motivating, and is likely to stop you from choosing new behavior.

Here’s what my dream morning routine looks like

4:00 am workout

4:00 am workout

  • Gym days - Wake up at 3:30 am

    • 1 tbsp apple cider vinegar

    • Workout 1-1.5 hours (cardio & weights)

    • Come home and sit in a 10 minute meditation

    • Coffee with MCT powder + coconut oil

    • Study TIR (Thinking into Results) 30 mins to 1 hour

    • Blog, Instagram, or Facebook post

    • Kids wake up = Morning routine is OVER

  • Non gym days - Wake up at 5:00 am

    • same as above

Once you begin to adopt your own dream routine you’ll become addicted, especially if you have fur babies or little humans that NEED you when they wake up. Taking the time, whether it be 2 hours or a 1/2 hour for yourself, by yourself will start your day in a positive way, help you get clear on your goals, become more productive in your work and home life, and make you a much calmer and happier person.

Ready to learn more about how to unlock the power of food to heal your body, heal your hormones and feel the best you’ve ever felt? If you want to have an in-depth conversation about the ways I can help you support you with your hormone, or health challenges so you can feel more in control of what’s happening in your body,  book a free 30 minute health history with me by clicking this link

So What’s the Problem with Sugar?

You probably haven't spent a ton of time wondering what happens to your body after you eat something sugary – it goes in there with all the rest of the food you consume and keeps you alive – end of story.  Well, sugar is definitely needed to stay alive. Carbohydrates are a key source of energy and play an important role in the functioning of our internal organs, the nervous system, and our hormones, but our systems do not need sugar in the quantity that we are used to.

 Before food processing, when sugar was mainly obtained from fruits and vegetables, people consumed about 30 grams per day of it.  Today, an average American consumes 76 grams a day, which is about 19 teaspoons.  That adds up to 96 pounds of sugar yearly (40 lbs. of which is high fructose corn syrup).

 Canadians consume slightly lower amounts at 88 pounds. The World Health Organization would like to see the number get down to 25 grams a day for both men and women (6¼ teaspoons).

 High amounts of sugar can wreak havoc on our immune systems, hormones, and digestion. Some of the negative effects are premature aging, weight gain, fatigue, bone loss, mental fatigue, depression and it can “disrupt the gut” or give “bad bacteria” the fuel they need to proliferate.

So, how much sugar do you consume in a day?

Sugar 2 small.jpg

 At first thought, you probably think, "not that much."   Let's have a look, starting with breakfast. For example, you begin your day with a bagel with peanut butter and a small strawberry yogurt - for a total of 33 grams of sugar.  At mid-morning you have a large cup of coffee from your favorite coffee shop (double/ double) - 34 grams of sugar.  For lunch you decide to go easy on the calories, so you have a salad with Italian vinaigrette and a slice of whole wheat bread - that's another 14 grams of sugar.  For an afternoon pick-me-up, you have an energy drink - 14 grams of sugar.  And then for dinner, you have some pasta with grilled chicken and store-bought tomato sauce - that's 9 grams for the sauce and about 2 grams from the noodles.

GRAND TOTAL: 106 grams of sugar or 26 teaspoons!

Sugar is labeled as an addiction because it stimulates the brain in a way that is similar to cocaine and alcohol, causing the release of the feel-good chemicals dopamine and serotonin.

When sugar is consumed in large quantities it has several effects:

o      It causes people to eat more of it, despite the negative consequences like weight gain, fatigue, and moodiness

o      Insulin resistance can develop. This means your body is producing insulin but it’s not using it properly. The problem here is that insulin is a fat storing hormone, which makes weight loss an up hill battle for many

o      Some people have trouble functioning without it and have a “stash” available when their energy plummets

o      Upon quitting sugar withdrawal, symptoms may appear

 This last point is why quitting sugar can be the biggest challenge, as it makes it difficult to stay on track when the cravings hit. Fortunately I’m going to give you some emergency fixes so you will come out the other side feeling great!

  1. Self-nurture - Often, the people who are most susceptible to sugar cravings are working stressful jobs, living stressful lives, completely out of balance. These things can lead people down a path of emotional eating, binge eating, or sabotaging behavior. While kicking sugar, take time out to do things the things you love. Create space and tune in to the world around you.

  2. Learn how to find where it hides - Sugar is hidden in almost every packaged, canned or frozen food. Get good at reading labels to detect where hidden sugars lie.

  3. Eat healthy fat - Keeping blood sugar levels stable are essential in reducing cravings. Nut butters or roasted nuts or seeds are great snacks to have on hand especially when you’re in the beginning stages of eliminating sugar.

  4. Keep busy - The last thing you want when quitting sugar, is to have your thoughts dominated by it. Spend the first few days of your sugar detox with a plan to occupy your time and your mind. Meditation, walks, working out, or a tea date with your friend are all ways to keep sugar out of your mind.

Ready to learn more about how to unlock the power of food to heal your body, heal your hormones and feel the best you’ve ever felt? If you want to have an in-depth conversation about the ways I can help you support you with your hormone, or health challenges so you can feel more in control of what’s happening in your body,  book a free 30 minute health history with me by clicking this link

This One Thing Will Help You Master Hunger

If you every found yourself going for a second serving at Thanksgiving dinner, and shortly after feeling like your stomach could quite literally explode, then asking yourself, “why did I do that? I wasn’t even hungry!” If you said YES, it could be that you’ve been ignoring your real hunger cues for years. I’m going to walk you through how to know when you’re really hungry vs stressed, sad, depressed or happy, and do this all by adopting one very simple habit.

Commit to feeling steady hunger for 30 to 60 minutes before each meal


Before we go further, we need to understand the difference between real hunger, and emotional hunger

  • Real hunger will build gradually, while emotional hunger will trigger suddenly

  • Real hunger will come with growling or gurgling sounds, coupled with a hollow or empty feeling in your stomach

  • If you aren’t sure whether you’re genuinely hungry or not, wait 20-30 minutes and then check back in to your body and see if the cues are still present

Adopting the habit of feeling steady hunger for 30-60 minutes before eating seems scary at first. Considering most of us could actually survive for weeks without food, where does this fear originate?

  • Often mothers worry, from our very first moments in this world, that we’re not getting enough food. This often translates throughout our childhood. Considering children are sponges to their external environments, this fear quite commonly, accompanies us throughout adulthood, impressed in deeply our subconscious mind

  • Past, restrictive diets may have given us the feeling of deprivation. You may perceive your natural feelings of hunger as unpleasant and try to avoid them

  • Many diets promote eating on a schedule. Their explanation is that it will keep your metabolism up or prevent hunger so you won’t overeat. These messages feed into our fear of hunger

Now that you’re clear on the two different types of hunger and why we fear it, you need not panic anymore at the first sign of hunger. Think of it the same way you do when you start to notice when you’re getting tired at night.

You’d never say, “OMG, I’m tired after a long day, I must go get myself checked out!” Right?

It’s simply a physical signal telling you that it’s time to start winding down. Hunger works the same way. Feelings of hunger are signals that you should start paying attention to. They will tell you if your body needs fuel, love, rest, or even fun!

Genuine hunger should reassure you that you are on the right track for weight or fat loss if you feel it at least 30 minutes before eating every time. Likewise, the absence of hunger is a signal that you shouldn’t be eating. As you begin to adopt this habit, you will start noticing differences in your hunger levels depending on your level of activity, or inactivity in a day. The body’s incredible operating mechanisms know exactly how much you need, and when you need it depending on your output. By tuning in, and taking small steps, one meal at a time, it is possible to let the fear go, and enjoy what food freedom really is. As a bonus, you’ll have a much easier time shedding fat.

xo Tarrah


Hi! I’m Tarrah and I help women end restrictive diets & stay lean. I am a Certified Health Coach and received my training from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, where I learned about more than one hundred dietary theories and studied a variety of practical lifestyle coaching methods. I help women create completely a personalized “roadmap to health” that suits their unique body, lifestyle, preferences, and goals. If you are curious about how I can help you, let’s schedule a free 30-minute consultation. Click here to connect with me.

Seed Cycling for Hormonal Health

I’m admitting it right here, right now that I have secretly become a health hack nerd. What does that have to do with seed cycling, and what the heck is seed cycling anyway? Hang tight, I’m getting there. Over the last 18 months or so I have been working with a Naturopathic doctor to heal my adrenals, hormones, and a mess of a gut. All caused by an over stressed life, years of chronic cardio, dieting, and restrictive eating. As I began to see my blood levels improve, energy increase, and brain fog lift, all from making small changes in my lifestyle, along with a few natural supplements, I became obsessed with keeping things that way. If you’ve ever healed from something that was ruling your life, you will do almost anything to keep things on the up and up.

That is what lead me to look into seed cycling. I was certainly not suffering like many do with severe PMS symptoms, but I knew things could be better. Random lower chin breakouts, digestive distress, and bloating were constant symptoms. When I knew there was a hack, I wanted to try it.

What Is Seed Cycling?

Seed cycling integrates different seeds into the diet at different times in the menstrual cycle to promote a natural balance of hormones. The idea is that seeds carry vitamins, oils, and nutrients that can help support the body’s production, release, and metabolism of hormones. The seeds used in seed cycling are flax and pumpkin for the first part of the cycle, known as the follicular phase, and sesame and sunflower for the luteal phase.

Why Seed Cycle?

Advocates of seed cycling say it may help balance hormones, lessen PMS symptoms, combat hormonal acne, reduce or increase abnormal bleeding, aid in fatigue, infertility, sleep issues, and irregular periods. Although there is little research currently available, I wanted to try my own science experiment.

How It Works

Days 1-13 (the first day of your period): you eat 1 tbsp daily of both flax and pumpkin seeds to boost estrogen and progesterone levels, which are normally lower during this phase. Flax contains lignans, which help to bind estrogen so it can be excreted from the body. Pumpkin seeds are high in zinc which are known to support progesterone levels which are normally lower during the first half of the cycle. Low levels can cause symptoms like mood swings, irregular periods, breast tenderness, and headaches.

Days 14-28: you eat 1 tbsp daily of sesame and sunflower seeds to boost progesterone levels. Sesame also contains lignans and sunflower seeds are high in selenium, which is good for overall hormonal balance. Balanced progesterone levels are key for a healthy menstrual cycle, and low levels can contribute to weight gain, dramatic PMS symptoms, and a low libido.

Seed Cycling Graphic.png

What You Need to Know

  • Sesame and flax seeds should be ground prior to use to aid in digestion

  • Some people have trouble digesting seeds, so if this is you, soak them overnight

  • Seeds should be stored preferably in a glass container in a cool, dark area

  • Use organic seeds if possible, to reduce harmful and hormone disrupting chemicals

  • Get creative. Seeds can go into everything from salads, smoothies or as a topper for your yogurt

  • Give it at least 3 full cycles before you come to your own conclusion

  • Track your symptoms so you can see if there have been any notable changes in your cycle

  • Check with your doctor prior to seed cycling if you have serious health conditions

I’ve only been at this for one full cycle now and so far I’ve experienced reduced breakouts, lots of energy, stable blood sugar, and less cramping. I’ll be sure to check in after the 3 cycle mark to give you my final opinion.

xo Tarrah

If you want to have an in-depth conversation about the ways I can help you support you with your hormone, or health challenges so you can feel more in control of what’s happening in your body,  book a free 30 minute health history with me by clicking this link

Don't Make These 4 Exercise Mistakes in 2019

So you’ve set your 2019 intentions and one of them is getting back into shape. Whether it’s been years or months since you’ve stepped foot in a gym, it doesn’t matter. You are AMAZING! Good for you! You’ve got your membership activated, was gifted a cute workout outfit, and your new Nike’s are ready to go…..now what?

Although starting off the new year with excitement and motivation about getting fit is incredible, there are a few common mistakes people make which can derail their goals in a big way.

  1. Jumping in Too Quickly

    Often when starting a new workout regime we pick up weights that we used to lift, or the ones the person on the next bench are using. DON’T do this! Even though you did it before, it doesn’t mean your body is ready for it just yet. If you’ve ever made this mistake before you’ll remember how great first workout felt. The endorphins were flowing, and you were shocked at how strong you were. Then…the next day you could hardly move! Yes, our bodies are tricksters and usually during the first workout we are strong, feeling energized, and we get fooled into doing too much. Starting back slowly, and with less weight and repetitions WILL feel like you aren’t doing enough but trust me your muscles and joints thank you and you’ll be much more likely to show up again tomorrow. Give it a week minimum before you start increasing your efforts.

  2. Going it Alone

    If you’ve never worked out before this will be the best investment you will make for yourself. Hiring a professional trainer, even if you’ve worked out in the past, will pay dividends in the long run. Knowing how to choose the right person to help you set the correct goals to achieve your desired results is essential. Therefore, it's crucial to do your due diligence as you go about choosing a trainer; all it takes is a little legwork to determine whether or not someone will be a good fit for your needs. After all, it's called "personal" training for a reason -- working closely together creates a bond that will help you to stay engaged and motivated throughout the process. So this is your permission to be picky about who you choose. You want to feel energized and motivated in their presence, see examples of their client results, training certificates, and most of all you want to resonate with their style of training. To this day, almost 8 years later, I still hear my personal trainer correcting my tricep extension form. The tools they will teach you will last for years to come even after they have gone.

  3. Fear of Weights

    Ok, ladies, this one is specifically targeted towards you. Hey, I know walking into a busy gym can be intimidating. Let me tell you a little secret..those people with the most serious, angry-like faces, are often the most friendly when you speak to them. Don’t let their facade fool you. You’re all there for the same reason, and you all deserve your spot. Be respectful and follow the gym etiquette rules, but do not be afraid to ask “can I jump in”, or “are you almost done there?”

  4. Becoming a Cardio Queen

    Spending hours on the cardio machines are not going to get you to your goals quickly. This is one of the biggest mistakes I see, especially amongst women. Forget the rules of the 80’s…please, forget them! There is study after study proving that resistance training will get you fitter faster, and in a shorter period of time. Remember this rule, diets and cardio will help you lose weight, and resistance training will change your body composition. Lifting weights builds lean muscle, and burns more fat and calories hours after you’ve left the gym. That being said, cardio is not bad, and I recommend getting in 15-30 minutes of cardio at least 4 times per week. Just do not make it your primary fitness activity if your goal is to get lean and fit.

Gaining a deeper understanding of the pitfalls of starting a new work out program could be the key to keeping, or ditching your 2019 goals. Again, I celebrate you for taking the step and am cheering you on to keep going.

xo Tarrah


Want to learn how to make more positive choices in your own life, and become the powerhouse you know you can be? Want support in creating your healthiest, happiest life ever? Let’s talk!  Schedule a FREE 30-minute complimentary health coaching consultation with me today—or pass this offer on to someone you care about!

Why Eating Many Small Meals a Day Is Sabotaging Your Weight Loss

You may have been told that eating 5-6 mini meals a day will help you achieve your fat-loss goals faster, and there is plenty of literature to back it up too. As a former fitness competitor, I was lead to believe that eating every 3-4 hours was the only way to gain lean muscle and loose body fat. Like a good student I did just that. I found myself spending hours in the kitchen meal prepping, lugging around Tupperware everywhere I went, timing “spontaneous” outings, and tripping out if I happened to miss my last meal. The funny part of it all was that I was constantly watching the clock because I was “starving” all the time! How can you be eating all the time and still be hungry?

Although at first, it sounds great that you get to eat more often, this strategy often backfires.

Here’s why:

  • The mini meals are often too small and leave you hungry and more likely to reach for “extras”

  • Life gets in the way and spending 3 hours on a Sunday in the kitchen just isn’t possible

  • Eating every few hours causes you to fixate on food and time. We are striving for food freedom guys!

  • Blood sugar levels become unstable which leads to intense cravings, anxiety, and fatigue

  • Missing out on family and social events leads to feelings of isolation which can lead to emotional eating

  • More recent studies have shown that eating larger, less frequent meals leaves you less hungry, and more in tune with your body’s REAL hunger cues

Now that we’ve talked about why eating many meals throughout the day may be sabotaging your results, now what? You want to aim to eat 3-4 meals without snacking in between. Ideally you will be going 3-5 hours between meals. If you’re wondering how you are going to make it, don’t worry! We are going to adjust what you’re eating and how you’re eating at your main meals in a way that will leave you feeling satisfied, free, and in control.

  1. Ensure you are eating healthy fat with each meal. The “good” fat will trigger your leptin and ghrelin hormones, which signal your brain that you are full and satisfied. Aim for at least 15 grams of fat with each meal from things like avocados, cold pressed olive oil, nuts, or nut butters.

  2. Drink enough water. 99% of the time when extreme hunger hits it’s not actually hunger, it’s thirst. If you are feeling like you could devour just about anything and it’s only been an hour or two since your last meal, drink water!

  3. Know what hunger really feels like. You want to look for belly-centered sensations such as grumbling or a hollow feeling in the stomach.

  4. Watch the language you use. Stop using words like “starving”. Unless you’ve been without food for days, you are not starving. Words are powerful so try new ones like “I’m hungry”, or “I’m uncomfortable”.

  5. Don’t multi-task while eating. Eating in the car, while watching tv, or at your desk will not allow you to identify when you’ve had enough. Take time to breathe, chew, and pay attention to what is going into your mouth.

  6. Eat mostly whole foods. You’ll not only get more nutrients but your body will actually absorb them, only increasing your level of satisfaction.

  7. Eat your veggies, and lots of them. Aim for 1-3 cups of low glycemic veggies with each meal. Examples are brussels sprouts, cabbage, kale, collard greens. They will add volume to your meals and send messages from your stomach to your brain signalling that you are full and satisfied.

  8. Include a protein-rich food with each meal, and aim for 30-40 grams for each meal. The more active you are the higher on the spectrum you want to be. Try things like tempeh, tofu, grass-fed beef, free-range eggs and chicken, or a high quality undenatured protein powder. Consuming enough protein at each meal will also turn on the appetite satisfaction signals in your gut.

You can expect to experience some resistance when embarking on these new changes, and that is completely normal. First, you’re changing a habit and we all know habits are not easy to change. Second, there will be a period of adjustment in your body’s natural signals and responses. Give it time and you will quickly see that food will no longer need to rule your life.

xo Tarrah

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This Hidden Deficiency Could Explain Why You're So Tired All The Time

Being low on energy happens to all of us, especially moms. We tend to believe that constant exhaustion is our new reality after the arrival of children, coupled with stressful jobs, and fleeting attempts at being a responsible adult. The truth is, being tired now and then is normal, but if you’re waking up tired regularly and struggling with the afternoon slump even after a few coffees, it’s time to look more closely at what’s really going on in your body.

You’re doing your best, drinking smoothies, eating salads, and getting to the gym now and then so what gives? Unfortunately, even with our best efforts we can still get caught with nutrient deficiencies. Missing this one nutrient, a four letter word, can manifest itself as chronic fatigue, unexplained hair loss, or headaches. That nutrient is iron!

More Symptoms:

  • Unexplained weakness

  • Cold hands and feet

  • Brittle nails

  • Pale skin

  • Shortness of breath

  • Dizziness

  • Poor concentration

If this is you, know that you are not alone, and in fact, iron deficiency affects several hundred million people worldwide, according to The World Health Organization and women, between the ages of 15- 45 are the most susceptible. Although women need twice as much iron as men due to its loss during menstruation, the average consumption is only about one-third of the recommended daily value for women. Now perhaps that feeling of outright exhaustion and mental fog makes more sense now? If you want to be sure, speak to your doctor or Naturopath and get your levels tested.

So you're iron is low —now what?

Now before you run out to the health food store to pick up the fanciest supplement bottle there are some great ways to increase your iron levels without extra pills.

Add in Vitamin C

Iron rich roods are absorbed better in the body when consumed with vitamin C rich foods. Think about a fresh bean salad topped with a lemon vinaigrette dressing, or some sauteed swiss chard next to some wild caught salmon.

Add in Turmeric

Turmeric taken everyday throughout the month can work to reduce menstrual bleeding. Take it with a fat, such as coconut oil and black pepper for better bio-availability. By decreasing the volume of blood loss during menstruation you will naturally save on your iron stores.

Avoid Inhibitors

There is a substance found in tea and coffee called tannins that can inhibit iron absorption. I know it’s a stretch, but if possible save your warm drink for at least an hour after your iron rich meal. Calcium may also interfere with iron absorption. Try taking them on an empty stomach or with some fresh lemon juice to improve absorption.

Get More B Vitamins

Folic acid (B-9) and (B-12) can both help to reverse or prevent an iron-deficiency. The richest sources of both the mineral and the vitamin are animal products, like red meat and fish. Plant foods, like nuts, beans, seeds and lentils also contain iron. Plant foods don’t naturally contain B12, but fortified foods such as breakfast cereals can be found and contain both synthetic iron and vitamin B12.

Try Blackstrap Molasses

Who would have thought that our Grandmother’s best cookie staple ingredient could be such a great source of iron? Why not gain the benefits of additional iron while swapping out refined sugar? Try adding this dressing recipe to your favorite kale salad.

Easy blackstrap molasses dressing:

  1. 2 tbs of olive oil

  2. 2 tbs of apple cider vinegar

  3. 1tbsp of blackstrap molasses

  4. 1 garlic clove

  5. 1 tbs of tamari sauce

  6. 1/2 cup of water

I truly believe that food is medicine, but we must remember it takes time, patience, and consistency. The beauty is in our ability to heal from the inside out and to heal at the source rather than treat the symptom.

xo Tarrah

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7 Ways to Avoid Mom Burnout

“Burnout is what happens when you try to avoid being human too long” ~ Michael Gungor

Let that quote sink in for a second. Today we are “on” 24/7. Our phones have become an extension of our bodies, our cars have become our dinner table, meeting room, classroom, and taxi service. We are consistently multitasking without ever considering the consequences to our beautiful brains and delicate hormones.

I’m not diminishing any other human here, but mommas, you know this scenario all too well. You are showing up, rocking presentations, building businesses, raising kids, making meals, and holding up the walls of your home. This is exactly where the burnout sneaks in. When the level of stressors is at a higher level than sleep, relaxation, nutrition and self-care long enough, you will eventually burnout.

This feels like:

  • Feeling like a failure

  • Procrastination

  • Headaches

  • Chronic fatigue

  • Irritability

  • Strong cravings

  • A negative outlook

While it’s normal to feel tired, worn out, and a little deflated now and then, it is not “normal” to feel this way more than you don’t. I added quotes around the word normal because that really is subjective. What I’m trying to get at here, is that feeling like crap all the time is a symptom of something bigger.

We are not designed to be stressed out all the time. Extended periods of stress on our thyroid and adrenal glands will push them over the edge. SOOOOO, how do we fix this ladies? The good news is that you can recover from burnout through some simple dietary and lifestyle changes.

  1. Reducing alcohol intake (even though you think it is the answer)

  2. Avoiding processed foods (simply adds more stress to the body)

  3. Meditation or periods of mindfulness (don’t skip this one!)

  4. Avoiding factory farmed meat (synthetic hormones, pesticides = endocrine disruptors and excess toxins)

  5. Limit caffeine intake (the high you are experiencing is a fantasy)

  6. Avoid plastics (more endocrine disruptors, aka toxins)

  7. Sleep (7-9 hours per night)

Often stress, overwhelm, and extreme expectations are self-inflicted, meaning we impose them on ourselves. Ask yourself these questions before you get caught up in the “to dos”, “Will ______ make me happier? Do I really have to do this? Why is this important?” Give yourself grace and know that you are not alone.


Are you curious about how health coaching can help you make your own healthy changes and support you in the process? Let’s talk! Schedule an initial complimentary consultation with me today—or pass this offer on to someone you care about!

Eat These 4 Foods for Glowing Skin

How much money have you spent on expensive cleansers, toners, or creams promising you more youthful glowing skin only to find no dramatic change, or even worse, they caused a reaction? I don’t even want to think about how much I’ve spent over the years. The truth is, clear, bright, glowing skin is built on the inside.

Our skin is the largest organ in our body and it’s closely connected to so many underlying processes and systems. It is influenced from gut health, hormonal balance, environmental toxins, hydration, and stress levels.

If we’re eating sugar-laden processed foods, lacking in certain nutrients, going 100 miles an hour, or using toxic products, it will all show up in our skin.

So what should you be eating for healthy, glowing, youthful skin?

  1. Collagen

    Collagen is the new buzzword, and it can now be found now just about everywhere. It is the most abundant protein in the body, and is produced on a regular basis, but it does slow down with age, excessive sun exposure, and an unhealthy diet. Without it you may start seeing more wrinkles or less subtle skin. When choosing a brand ensure you are buying organic, grass-fed, and from a reputable company.

2. Nettles

Stinging nettle is packed with vitamins, minerals, and trace minerals along with phytonutrients including deep-green chlorophyll and carotenoids. They also come with an anti-inflammatory effect which helps to calm the skin as well as provide high levels of anti-oxidants which aid in protecting the body from free radicals. Infusing a large amount of dried stinging nettle leaves in water for a long period of time is one of the easiest and most traditional ways to obtain nettle tea benefits.

3. Kale

Yep! Kale wins again. It contains vitamins A, B complex, C, E and K, as well as high levels of manganese, calcium, potassium, iron, magnesium, protein, folate and phosphorus (OK!!! It’s awesome). I love adding kale into virtually everything from smoothies, stir-frys, to soups and salads.

4. Avocado

Avocado is well known as a great source of vitamin E, which boosts the skin’s vitality and luminosity and, due to it’s high antioxidant levels, may help protect cells from damage. As an added bonus, it also possesses good quantities of vitamin C, which can be used to reduce skin inflammation. Eating a regular portion of avocado (half per day) can also improve the skin’s moisture.

Remember Rome wasn’t built in a day! Focus on getting these amazing foods into your body, and with time and consistency you will see a difference and so will everyone else.

xo Tarrah



I received my training from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, where I learned about more than one hundred dietary theories and studied a variety of practical lifestyle coaching methods. Drawing on this knowledge, I will help you create a completely personalized “roadmap to health” that suits your unique body, lifestyle, preferences, and goals.

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The Serving Size Secret You Must Know

How many portions are in a bag of Goldfish crackers? Or a bottle of kombucha? Or a tub of ice cream? Hint: it’s almost never “one.” Often, these products contain two or two-and-a-half servings per package or bottle.

Can YOU Eat Just One?

Sure, you could go ahead and enjoy just half the bag, or half the bottle of that delicious and refreshing kombucha, or 1/2 a cup of ice cream, but are you really going to do that?

If the answer is no you’re not alone. The marketing departments for food and beverage companies are extremely smart. They are, in fact, marketing ninjas, skilled at making you believe that the amount in the package or the bottle that you are consuming matches the nutritional label on the back. That, most often, is not the case.

The Perils of Misleading Portion Sizes

Eating too much food in one sitting is hard on your body. Here’s why:

  • Food is meant to be spread throughout the day. Overdosing on too much food at one time causes your parasympathetic nervous system to tell your body to slow down and focus on digesting the food, causing you to feel like taking a nap.

  • As the food is digested, a surge of glucose is released into your blood stream which triggers your pancreas to produce the hormone insulin, which in turn leads to an increase in melatonin and serotonin, hormones that makes you feel drowsy as well as happy.

  • Excess glucose levels from the food you’ve eaten can interfere with the neurons in your brain causing you to feel spacey, weak, irritable, or headachy.

  • Thinking there is some type of emergency, your adrenal glands go into “fight or flight” mode and release adrenaline and cortisol, which is the body’s natural response to stress.

  • When your blood sugar levels finally plummet, you experience wicked cravings for more food—specifically simple carbs or sweets.

5 Tips to Kick Portion Distortion

  1. Don’t over order – Portion sizes, especially in America, are typically far more than the average person needs. Share an appetizer or salad with a friend. You’ll save on both calories and cash.

  2. Choose high-fiber foods like vegetables, fruits, beans, and whole grains to keep you feeling full and energized.

  3. Put down your fork after every bite. It takes our stomach 20 minutes to register when we’re full. Slowing down while eating will aid in avoiding eating too much.

  4. Get enough water. Often we mistake thirst for hunger.

  5. Carry your own snacks. Having an emergency stash of nuts, fruit or a protein bar will go a long way if you get stuck in traffic, and prevent you from eating more than you need when you get home.

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Health Coach Approved Weeknight Dinners That You Can Repeat

As a momma who wears many hats, I often get home tired, hungry, and lacking the inspiration I normally have on the weekends, to make a healthy and delicious dinner. Fortunately, I’ve found some recipes that can be whipped up quickly and easily for this exact situation. As a former fitness competitor and restrictive eater, I have devoted endless hours in the kitchen trying to find ways to make nutritious food taste great and something the rest of my family is willing to eat. When timelines are tight, there IS another option other than take-out that will keep your health goals in check. Here are 3 of my go to recipes when time is tight.

Try these recipes, all done in 30 minutes or less.

Eggs in a Butternut Squash Nest.jpg

Eggs In a Butternut Squash Nest

Try eating seasonal vegetables, ie. squash. They taste better, are cheaper, come fresher and are higher in nutritional value.

Makes 1 serving

  • 3/4 cup Butternut Squash (spiralized into noodles) **hint, hint!! They sell these already prepared :)

  • 1 tsp Coconut Oil

  • 2 Eggs

  • Sea Salt & Black Pepper (to taste)

  • 2 tbsps Microgreens (optional)


  • Form the spiralized squash noodles into nests, making a small well in the center for the egg.

  • Heat a pan over medium heat and add the coconut oil. Use a spatula to transfer the squash nests to the pan and cook for about 7 minutes.

  • Crack eggs into cups and transfer them into the wells of the squash nests. Cook for about 3 to 4 minutes or until the whites have set and it is cooked to your liking. Cover the pan with a lid to speed up the cooking time.

  • Transfer the egg nests onto a plate and season with sea salt and black pepper to taste. Garnish with microgreens (optional) and enjoy!

Turkey Taco Lettuce Wraps.jpg

Turkey Taco Lettuce Wraps

If you are following a low carbohydrate diet, this recipe is perfect for you. These carb friendly tacos have only 23 grams of carbohydrates, and 12 grams of fiber per serving.

Makes 4 servings

  • 1 tbsp Avocado Oil

  • 1 Yellow Onion (diced)

  • 1 lb Extra Lean Ground Turkey **Substitute with firm, drained tofu or crumbled tempeh for a vegetarian option

  • 2 tbsp Chili Powder

  • 1 tbsp Cumin

  • 2 tsp Smoked Paprika

  • 1 tsp Garlic Powder

  • 1 tsp Sea Salt

  • 1/2 tsp Red Pepper Flakes

  • 1 Lime (juiced)

  • 3 Tomato (finely chopped and divided)

  • 1 Jalapeno Pepper (seeds removed and chopped)

  • 1 head Iceberg Lettuce (leaves pulled apart and washed)

  • 2 Avocados (diced)


  • Heat oil over medium-high heat. Add onion and cook for about 5 minutes until translucent.

  • Add ground turkey to the pan and break into very small pieces with a spatula and cook until no longer pink. Drain any excess drippings if necessary.

  • Add the chili powder, cumin, smoked paprika, garlic powder, salt, red pepper flakes and lime juice and stir until the meat is coated evenly. Add half the chopped tomatoes and the jalapeno. Stir to combine and cook for another 5 minutes until tomatoes are very soft. Remove from heat.

  • To assemble the tacos, divide the turkey into the lettuce leaves, and top with remaining tomatoes and diced avocado. Enjoy!

Lentil Salad with Maple Roasted Squash.jpg

Lentil Salad with Maple Roasted Squash

Beans are packed with tons of fiber, as well as plenty of iron and protein. They are rich in antioxidants and phytonutrients. They are low in calories.

Makes 4 servings

  • 2 cups Butternut Squash (chopped into 1 cm cubes)

  • 1 1/2 tsp Avocado Oil

  • 1/4 tsp Sea Salt (divided)

  • 2 tbsp Maple Syrup

  • 1/4 cup Extra Virgin Olive Oil

  • 2 tbsp Apple Cider Vinegar

  • 1/4 tsp Cinnamon

  • 2 cups Lentils (cooked, from the can)

  • 4 stalks Green Onion (chopped)

  • 1/4 cup Dried Unsweetened Cranberries

  • 1/4 cup Parsley (chopped)


  • Preheat oven to 400ºF (204ºC). Line a baking sheet with parchment paper.

  • Arrange butternut squash cubes on the baking sheet and season with avocado oil and half of the salt. Roast in the oven for 20 minutes then remove from oven and drizzle with maple syrup. Return to the oven for an addition 5 to 10 minutes, or until the butternut squash is tender and maple syrup has started to caramelize. Remove from the oven and let cool slightly.

  • In a large mixing bowl whisk together the extra virgin olive oil, apple cider vinegar, cinnamon and remaining salt. Fold in lentils, green onion, cranberries, parsley and butternut squash. Season with additional salt if needed. Enjoy!

Eating clean doesn’t need to be complex or time consuming and as a busy momma you need all the time you can get. Try out these delicious clean eating recipes and let me know what you think!

Curious about how health coaching can help you make your own healthy changes? Let’s talk! Schedule an initial complimentary consultation with me today——or pass this offer on to someone you care about!

xo Tarrah

How to Avoid the Weight Creep

A few days off here, a little less sleep, and one piece of chocolate every day that mysteriously turns into 2 or 3, or maybe 5: Weight gain isn’t always as obvious as you may expect.

For me it’s usually the small behaviors over time that causes my creep. They are often not as obvious as the large holiday dinners, date nights with my husband, or a travel week for work. We tend to beat ourselves up when we “let go” for a special event, but overlook the small, extra bites everyday, over time. The reality is, it’s a small, single choice, but if it’s repeated frequently enough, it can cause a big impact on your waistline.

Here are 5 ways to combat the creep:

Avoid the Weekend Warrior Mentality

Do you give it your all in your diet and in the gym during the week, and then go bananas on the weekend? If you think about it, the weekend is 2 of 7 days, or close to 30 percent of your week. Doing things right 70 percent of the time gets you an average score. If you are striving for an A, you may want to rethink your weekend choices.

Stop Snacking on Your Kid’s leftovers

We’ve all done it! You start with one bite of your kid’s leftover cold pizza, not because you were hungry, but simply because it was there, staring you in the face. Oh yeah, and it’s never just one bite either, is it? In order to change this behavior you need to change the routine. Clear their plates as soon as they have finished, decide their snacks will not become yours., and ensure you are balancing out your own meals throughout the day so you don’t crave theirs.

Keep Blood Sugar Stabilized

Eating well balanced meals with protein, healthy fats, and fiber will keep your cravings at bay. Starting the day with a carb heavy meal tends to spike insulin levels, later causing you to crash and crave things that can pack on the pounds. Starting your morning off with a veggie omelette and avocado toast, or a quick protein shake with some added peanut butter and flax seeds will ensure you’re not crashing my 10:00 am, or diving for the lunch room cookies.

Track Your Portion Sizes

If you notice the pounds are starting to creep it’s a good idea to get back to the basics. Often we tend to over-estimate portion sizes, telling ourselves it’s only 1 tbsp of peanut butter, when it’s really 2. That one over-estimation can add an extra 100 calories in one go. Add that up over time, and it’s easy for the weight to creep up on you.


There have been a number of studies done on the association between sleep restriction and negative changes in weight. Sleep quantity and quality have been shown to play a role in regulating the hormone ghrelin, known as the hunger hormone that controls appetite. When this hormone is not functioning properly you’ll feel hungrier more often, making it more likely you’ll eat when you’re not really hungry.

Remember not to panic if you start seeing the pounds add up. Our weight can fluctuate often throughout the week due to stress, lack of sleep or even a hard workout. If you do realize it’s becoming a problem, take a breath, refocus and follow these simple steps. In no time you’ll be back to yourself again.


Are you curious about how happy good health can make you feel? As a Health Coach I can help you make your own healthy changes. Let’s talk! Schedule an initial complimentary consultation with me today—or pass this offer on to someone you care about!

Why Breaking Promises to Yourself is the Real Reason You Are Stuck

We deeply value keeping the promises we make to our kids, friends, colleagues, and loved ones yet, without much thought, we are quick to break promises to ourselves. Why is that?

It’s committing to waking up 1 hour before the kids to exercise, then hitting snooze on the alarm because you were tired. Or what about deciding to stay out of the bag of chips our husband brought home, only to tell ourselves we deserved it because we ate well that day?

Would you promise your kids you’d take them to the park and then bail because your favorite episode of Fixer Upper was on? Would you promise your boss your report would be done by Wednesday, and just not do it? Chances are, the answer to both questions is a resounding NO.

The worst promise you can break is the one you make to yourself
— David Kirsch

Whatever the promises are that you’ve made to yourself, you’ll find that when things come up, or you don’t feel good, you will tend to find all the reasons in the world why you can't do that thing. The truth is, keeping promises to ourselves is the greatest form of self-love there is, therefore breaking them, is a form of disrespect.

Want to know how to break the cycle?

Act as if

Breaking habits are hard, so when making a promise to yourself pick only 1 - 2 habits to work on at one time. Habits are created over many years, so creating new ones will take time too. The key is to embody the person who does the thing you’ve promised to do. If it was to exercise 3 times a week, act like a person who does that. They would make sleep a priority, have their clothes prepared the night before, and they wouldn’t skip leg day even if their day was hard.

Find an accountability partner or coach

We’ve already established that we are more likely to keep our promises to others, so use that to your benefit here. Lean on close, supportive friends and family, or hire a coach who will hold you lovingly accountable.

Celebrate your wins

How often do you put down your accomplishments, brush them aside, or refuse compliments? Now is not the time for that. Be sure to celebrate when you keep your promises. This is a big deal so when you’re making progress be sure to celebrate it!

Today I kept a promise I made to myself by going to a yoga class. Three weeks ago I shared this goal with a peer coaching group. When I realized this morning that I would have to say again, “Yeah, I didn’t do that yet!”, I decided it WAS happening. Let me tell you, it was so worth it. I wasn’t great, and certainly my flexibility has suffered since the last time I practiced yoga, but the satisfaction of keeping that promise felt amazing.

How different could your life be if you too, kept your promise?


My name is Tarrah, and I'm a Holistic Health & Nutrition coach, who helps busy stressed out moms find the best ways to fuel their bodies and show up with the energy they need to "do all the things". I received my training from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, where I learned about more than one hundred dietary theories and studied a variety of practical lifestyle coaching methods. If you are ready for a change let’s connect for a free consultation to see if we are a fit.

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5 Quick Tips About Healthy Eating Over The Holidays

The lights are up and the stores are decorated, so I suppose it’s time to face the fact that the holiday season is right around the corner. It can be a time filled with additional stress, schedules filled with parties, family gatherings, and lots of food, so it's easy to overindulge in rich foods that aren't so good for you. But, there's no need to miss out on the festivities just to save your diet -- with a little help, you can keep from eating too much during the holidays. 

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Here's how to enjoy the holidays without ruining your diet:

  1. Bring Your Own Side Dish

    As a Health Coach, creating healthier versions of holiday dishes are kinda my jam. My favorite dish of all time is my Brussels Sprouts with Bacon & Brazil Nuts. It is the perfect blend of healthy fat, fiber and low-glycemic carbohydrates that will prevent you from overindulging later.

  2. Eat Before You Leave the House

    Trying to wrap up all the things on the to-do list can often leave you rushing at the last minute (or maybe that’s just me??). Do not forget to have a meal, or at the very least, a healthy snack before heading out. This will help you avoid overeating at the party or family dinner later. Grab a few Spiced Walnuts for a quick snack that will help cue your satisfaction hormones, leaving you less likely to go bananas at the buffet table.

  3. Don’t Drink All Your Calories

    If you're craving a cocktail, opt for club soda in place of tonic water to save 80 calories. But wait until you're seated to start sipping as alcoholic drinks can stimulate your appetite.

  4. Chose Lean Protein

    Opt for leaner cuts of meat, beans, or seafood to keep you feeling satisfied longer.

  5. Chose Your Foods Wisely

    Be picky on what foods you chose to indulge in. Ask yourself, “Do I really want this?” If you say “YES”, go for it and do not feel guilty.

With a proactive approach – a plan and the right mindset there is no reason you will have to set another New Year’s resolution to lose 10 pounds. Remember, if you do overeat or “accidentally” eat too many hors d'oeuvres, don’t beat yourself up. Get up the next day, do something active, drink water, and get back on track. Take the slip up and use it as information so you can make more empowered decisions at the next holiday event.

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Your Child's Nutrition is on You

Parent’s it time for some tough love so buckle up, it’s time for a ride.

As a Holistic Health & Nutrition Coach I spend most of my time in places and spaces where people generally eat well, exercise, and understand the value of a healthy lifestyle. I have heard so much talk around the growing obesity epidemic, but it never really resonated fully with me, because I didn’t see it in my day-to-day life. As I’ve been diving deeper into my mission of showing people how to live a healthier life, I have been shocked and saddened to see what I’ve discovered.

According to Stats Canada, and the CDC in the USA, obesity rates among children and youth in Canada have nearly tripled in the last 30 years. That equates to 1 in 5 children between the ages of 6-19 are considered obese. What the what???? These two sources cite two major contributors. Excess junk food, and lack of movement.

I completely understand how busy life is, in-fact it seems to be getting busier everyday. Trying to keep up my own household, working two businesses, a husband who works night shifts, activities, social events, etc, etc, etc. I remember days where I looked at the pile of clothes piled up and wanted to sit down and cry. Here’s what tends to happen when life gets spinning out of control. We short change our own health, and that of our children. We plunk them in front of the tv or ipad and feed them the quickest and easiest meals, or grab and go, things that we know are not good for them or us. The busier things get the further away we get from home cooked meals, exercise, and time to unwind.

Here’s where the tough love part comes in. PARENTS, we have a J O B here, and that includes loving, protecting, and teaching our children. Yes, just like your traditional 9-5 job, where you have objectives, assignments, and deadlines. Only with parenthood, we don’t often get awards, raises, or accolades. Regardless, our work is necessary. Their health starts with you and that means you need to take responsibility for their health.

Here what you can do:

Set a schedule and establish some rules. Admittedly I used to roll my eyes at the moms who cancelled coffee dates, or showed up late, because their child was napping, or it was meal time. I had a free flowing schedule with both my babies and they were just fine. As they got older, I realized that not having established meal schedules, and rules around snacks or treats, was causing us all more meltdowns than I was prepared to endure.

Upgrade your own nutritional habits. Have a show, don’t tell mindset around nutrition. Your kids may not love avocado just because they saw you eat it, but they need to see that you value the very nutrition you are asking them to. As a family make a weekly meal plan and allow your kids to shop with you for the supplies. If the thought of taking them to the grocery store is too daunting, let them help you make the grocery list and allow them to help you unpack the food when you get home.


Get moving. You know this. Exercise is a non negotiable if you want to live a healthier life. Making time to move and play with your kids will help to create a deeper connection between your family, and shows them that exercise is important to you. My husband and I have been bringing our kids to our local gym with us since they were 6 weeks old. There, we kill two birds with one stone. Mom and Dad get to work out, and the boys get to run and play. If they gym is not available to you, have impromptu dance parties, walk around the block, or go to the park.

Talk about food. Educate your children on healthy food choices. The conversation should be light, easy and fun. Play games around ‘which is the healthier choice’. My kids know that eating healthy means eating nutritious foods most of the time, but treats are ok every now and then.

Feed them breakfast. Ensuring your ‘littles’ start their day off with a balanced meal will help keep their insulin levels from spiking, and help them concentrate better throughout the day. Aim for meals with protein, low glycemic carbohydrates and healthy fats. Some of our family favorites are:

  • Protein smoothies

  • Toad in the Hole (Whole grain toast, with grass fed butter, and a free range egg in the center)

  • Gluten-free chocolate chip pancakes with grass fed butter

Meal prep. Ok, ok!!! Before you say, “Yeah Right, I’m too busy!” I want to challenge you on this. Meal prep does not need to mean you have to spend hours in the kitchen. Healthy meals CAN be created in 15-30 minutes, and meal prep can be done in tiny pockets of your day. Things like egg cups, roasted root veggies, and homemade soup can all be done in a half hour or less and can create multiple meals, saving you time in the long run. Go even further and add in a slower cooker or Instapot to the mix and it’s a game changer.

What is important to remember is that our J O B is to create healthy, happy humans, and that starts with the food we feed them, and the importance we put around movement.

For any of the recipes noted above feel free to reach out to me directly for the recipes at info@tarrahwynn.net.



I received my training from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, where I learned about more than one hundred dietary theories and studied a variety of practical lifestyle coaching methods. Drawing on this knowledge, I will help you create a completely personalized “roadmap to health” that suits your unique family, lifestyle, and preferences.

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Why it's got Nothing to do with the Diet

If you’ve tried every diet, every new exercise plan, gained and lost 20 pounds more times than you’d like to admit, yet still find yourself struggling to lose weight, I’ve got news for you.

It’s not about the diet!

It’s not because you lack will-power. It’s not because the plan sucked, it’s not because you’re busier than anyone else, and it’s not because of any other external factor, for that matter.

It’s because you have not done the inner work.

Before I go on I want to preface this by saying, the phrase “You’ve got to do the inner work”, annoyed me for a really long time. I’d hear these words often from coaches, speakers, and authors I highly respected. In my logical mind I knew very well that having a positive attitude was important. I knew that learning to love myself and my body was important. I knew that managing my energy, meditating, and practicing daily gratitude were important. I knew that eating a well balanced, primarily clean diet was important too. I knew all the logical things that were required because, hey, I read all the books, did the research, and hired the coaches. I really believed I was doing the WORK! But what I realized was that certain patterns of behavior kept coming up. Those behaviors were the very thing that were keeping me stuck and holding me back from the place I knew I was more than capable of getting to.

If you:

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  • find yourself not going to they gym after you’ve committed to going

  • eat the cake, cookies or chips when you said you wouldn’t

  • find yourself overexercising or skimping on meals after a ‘bad’ day of eating

  • always have food on your mind

  • binge eat when you’re stressed out

It’s likely that you too have missed doing the inner work.

As a Holistic Health & Nutrition Coach it is my job to help you find the areas hidden away in your subconscious mind, that have been preventing you from achieving your health, fitness, and life goals. In my work we dive into your deep routed beliefs that, for many, are still unknown. This is the area that houses our DNA, childhood experiences, heartaches, trauma, failures, and shame. They are the pieces of us that hold power over how we think, feel, and act. Whether you know it or not, they are there, driving you to do things that either move you towards your goals, or hold you back on the sidelines.

It is only when you are able to tap into this area, and acknowledge, heal, and gain self-awareness, that the real MAGIC happens. Tapping into this place helps you realize how feelings of loneliness as a child can be the very the reason you turn to food when you are stressed out. Or it can help you understand that the real reason you don’t go to the gym is because deep down you fear you will lose love if you commit to caring for yourself.

I can give you all the nutrition information, meal plans, and detoxes (which I do btw), but until we uncover what has been holding you back, real and lasting changes will not happen long term. Before you get too overwhelmed, please remember that all of these challenges get more manageable and less terrifying when you find someone to help you through them—and when you take them on in small bites.

So imagine this:

  • Your pants always fit and your weight stays where you want it to

  • You don’t diet and you don’t binge and you generally make good choices

  • Food no longer has control over you

  • You feel in control, at ease, and at peace with food once and for all

This magic happens when you go inward. You’ll learn to stand tall, speak your truth, eat with ease, wake up with energy, and walk with confidence.


I received my training from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, where I learned about more than one hundred dietary theories and studied a variety of practical lifestyle coaching methods. Drawing on this knowledge, I will help you create a completely personalized “roadmap to health” that suits your unique body, lifestyle, preferences, and goals.

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Why we all Need a Fall Detox

The Fall season is officially here and along with cute sweaters, pumpkin spice everything, and cozy blankets, there is the inevitable cold or flu that tends to blow in. As the seasons change, we begin to see how these changes become mirrored in our lives too. Toxins build up in our bodies from excess chemicals, parabens, heavy metals, and synthetic hormones in our food, and mental activity and workloads accumulate. All of these factors make Fall a perfect time for a physical and mental reset.

You will generally hear claims both for and against detoxing. I’m a huge proponent for seasonal resets and here’s why:

  1. Our Natural Detox System has a Disadvantage

    Although the body is designed to cleanse itself, its ability to do so has been rapidly slowing down over the years. This is due to increased levels of stress, an unhealthy lifestyle and the rise in man-made chemicals. Whether you buy organic or not, dangerous chemicals are found virtually everywhere. From household cleaning supplies, to beauty and hair products, even the furniture and carpets in our homes are packed with toxic substances. We would have to live in a bubble in an untouched forest to really escape all of the dangers. Considering going off the grid is not a viable option for most, detoxing seasonally is a great way to give your body a break and a great opportunity to eliminate excess toxins.

  2. Fat Needs an Escape Route

    We know that the body is designed to naturally eliminate toxic materials but to understand how this affects how we store or lose fat we need to look at the two main types of toxins the body has to deal with; exogenous toxins and endogenous toxins.

    Exogenous toxins are chemicals that are made outside of your body and can harm your body on a cellular level if they are ingested, inhaled, or absorbed into your bloodstream through some other channel.

    Endogenous toxins are toxins that are produced inside of your body. Some of these toxins are waste products from normal metabolic activities - carbon dioxide and lactic acid are examples of endogenous toxins that your body filters out naturally. Unless your health is severely compromised, your body is well equipped to eliminate these types of toxins from your system

    Our body, with all of it’s incredible filtering systems, utilizes enzymes that break chemicals down into smaller compounds and has various ways of transporting unneeded substances out of the body. However, we have a limited ability to eliminate exogenous toxins. What it can’t eliminate, our body begins storing in our fat cells as a way of protecting other organs from exposure to these compounds. Detoxing gives the body a break so it can begin clearing out and freeing up the fat cells from toxic overload.

  3. You’ll feel WAY better

    When you detox, you will simply feel better. You will wake up more easily, feel alive, happier, and have more energy. I am generally a skeptic until I see the results for myself, so as you can imagine I was doubtful I would experience extraordinary results when I did my first detox. Boy, was I wrong. I remember feeling like a blanket had been removed from my brain. I felt like my life was incredible. I was genuinely a happier person and my energy was through the roof. It doesn’t take much either. Even a few days on a detox can help you feel a lot better very quickly.

  4. You kick cravings to the curb

    If you didn’t already know, sugar and processed foods are biologically addictive. Although the science behind it is clear we continue to blame ourselves when we binge or fall off the diet wagon. I am here to tell you it’s not your fault. Cookies and chips are designed carefully by experts to ensure you keep eating them. When you detox you are allowing your body a chance to return to it’s natural state and get the natural hunger and satiety signals firing again.

As you can see, when we get an unhealthy buildup of toxins in our body, it’s not pretty. These excess toxins can show in our bodies as depression, brain fog, headaches, difficulty sleeping, hormonal imbalances and chronic fatigue. Since many of these toxins cannot be fully avoided, taking a few days in Fall to detox is much needed.

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Now I’d like to hear from you…

What do you think of environmental toxins?

Do you experience the effects of them in your health?

What are you doing to rid your diet of these toxins?

Please leave your thoughts by adding a comment below and don’t forget to grab your free FALL DETOX GUIDE. Signup below.