Will It Change Your Life?

Have you ever found yourself opening up your gym bag only to realize you forgot a key component, such as your shoes, sports bra, or even worse, your pants?  UGGG!  That was me today.  After clearing the pile of snow off my car and driving through snow covered roads in the dark, I proudly arrived at the gym only to realize I forgot my shoes!  For a few moments I considered rocking my winter boots, or maybe just socks.  Fortunately I came to my senses knowing that I would look ridiculous. Next I thought, "screw it", I'm going home and am crawling back into my warm bed.  After all, I had just lost 30 minutes.  I would be rushed and maybe I should just take today off.  Then I said to myself, "will this change my life?"  At that moment I realized that YES it would. 

The sentence, "will this change my life" came to me about a year ago.  I found myself sitting on the couch, watching tv, struggling to stay awake just so I could see the end of a show.  I asked myself, "Tarrah, will staying up to late to watch the end of this show really change my life?", and the answer was NO.  

I began applying this concept to other situations in my life such as what food or alcohol I was putting into my body.  Whether I would stay up late to watch tv, or whether I would go to bed early and get a good sleep. I though about who was I spending my time with? What was I reading, and what was I doing with my spare time?  When I gained the clarity by asking this question many of the "things" I was doing really added no value.  

So, made the decision then and there that YES, turning back, getting my shoes and going back to the gym would change my life.   I chose to not let a little bump in the day ruin a great thing.  When I prioritize ME/exercise my overall mindset is better, my stress is reduced, I sleep better and all of this makes me a better mother and wife. 

So I ask you, what actions and decisions would be different if you stopped and asked yourself this question?