Overcoming Fitness Plateaus

Are you finding your workouts have become boring, uninspiring and aren’t getting you the results you once got?  Or, is the thought of hitting the gym starting to make you cringe?  Are you simply going through the motions?

I’ve got news for you!  This is completely normal.  We all go through different season of ebb and flow in our lives.  Some seasons have us in push mode, and other seasons require us to be more at ease or flow.  Our fitness journey often moves in the same way, but don’t let monotony or boredom derail you from achieving your goals.

The fix isn’t as complicated as you may think.  Joining a spin class at your gym or dropping into a yoga studio for a class can be the catalyst for changes.  Sometimes we just need a change of pace to get us out of a rut.

Here are my top 3 tips to overcoming fitness plateaus:

1.       Train with a partner.  I personally, prefer to train on my own.  The gym, for me, is MY time.  It is the space where the only person I need to be accountable to is myself.  I like to crank up my tunes and go to work.  There are times though, when I feel like I’m not progressing, or simply need a kick in the pants, or just some extra motivation.  That is when I’ll train with my husband.  Having him there to push me past the point where I’d normally stop, or giving me that little nudge to get in a few more reps is all it takes.  I always feel the difference the next day, which means progress was made.  If it's not your partner, schedule a workout with a friend.

2.       Hire a coach.  I am a huge believer in hiring coaches when you have a particular event, goal, or are plain old stuck.  Coaches can help by designing a program, in-line with your goals and lifestyle, and be there not only for support, but also to hold you accountable.  But I can't afford it," you say?  Even if you can't afford to hire an on-going trainer, scheduling in even one session can give you new ideas and help push you outside your comfort zone.  

3.       Metabolic workouts.  This one has been something I’ve recently added into my weekly routine.  Metabolic training, or circuit training is when you perform multiple movements back to back with little to no rest.  When I was finding myself bored with my program, I decided to set one day a week aside for this type of training.  Each week I review my results from the previous week and challenge myself to improve, either my time, reps, or total weight lifted.   Below you will see an example of what this looks like.  I time each rowing round, note it, and try to beat it the following week.  With each round the reps decrease so you should be trying to increase the weight lifted.  The rounds should be performed back to back, and you want to rest only 1-2 minutes between rounds.  It's a heart pumper so if you have any medical issues, you should first consult with your doctor.  Let me know how it goes for you!

Copy of Metabolic Workout.png

We all go through different waves in our fitness journey.  The key is to spice things up and make it fun.  Your goal is to overcome an plateau, and essentially make it fun again.