Don't Make These 4 Exercise Mistakes in 2019

So you’ve set your 2019 intentions and one of them is getting back into shape. Whether it’s been years or months since you’ve stepped foot in a gym, it doesn’t matter. You are AMAZING! Good for you! You’ve got your membership activated, was gifted a cute workout outfit, and your new Nike’s are ready to go… what?

Although starting off the new year with excitement and motivation about getting fit is incredible, there are a few common mistakes people make which can derail their goals in a big way.

  1. Jumping in Too Quickly

    Often when starting a new workout regime we pick up weights that we used to lift, or the ones the person on the next bench are using. DON’T do this! Even though you did it before, it doesn’t mean your body is ready for it just yet. If you’ve ever made this mistake before you’ll remember how great first workout felt. The endorphins were flowing, and you were shocked at how strong you were. Then…the next day you could hardly move! Yes, our bodies are tricksters and usually during the first workout we are strong, feeling energized, and we get fooled into doing too much. Starting back slowly, and with less weight and repetitions WILL feel like you aren’t doing enough but trust me your muscles and joints thank you and you’ll be much more likely to show up again tomorrow. Give it a week minimum before you start increasing your efforts.

  2. Going it Alone

    If you’ve never worked out before this will be the best investment you will make for yourself. Hiring a professional trainer, even if you’ve worked out in the past, will pay dividends in the long run. Knowing how to choose the right person to help you set the correct goals to achieve your desired results is essential. Therefore, it's crucial to do your due diligence as you go about choosing a trainer; all it takes is a little legwork to determine whether or not someone will be a good fit for your needs. After all, it's called "personal" training for a reason -- working closely together creates a bond that will help you to stay engaged and motivated throughout the process. So this is your permission to be picky about who you choose. You want to feel energized and motivated in their presence, see examples of their client results, training certificates, and most of all you want to resonate with their style of training. To this day, almost 8 years later, I still hear my personal trainer correcting my tricep extension form. The tools they will teach you will last for years to come even after they have gone.

  3. Fear of Weights

    Ok, ladies, this one is specifically targeted towards you. Hey, I know walking into a busy gym can be intimidating. Let me tell you a little secret..those people with the most serious, angry-like faces, are often the most friendly when you speak to them. Don’t let their facade fool you. You’re all there for the same reason, and you all deserve your spot. Be respectful and follow the gym etiquette rules, but do not be afraid to ask “can I jump in”, or “are you almost done there?”

  4. Becoming a Cardio Queen

    Spending hours on the cardio machines are not going to get you to your goals quickly. This is one of the biggest mistakes I see, especially amongst women. Forget the rules of the 80’s…please, forget them! There is study after study proving that resistance training will get you fitter faster, and in a shorter period of time. Remember this rule, diets and cardio will help you lose weight, and resistance training will change your body composition. Lifting weights builds lean muscle, and burns more fat and calories hours after you’ve left the gym. That being said, cardio is not bad, and I recommend getting in 15-30 minutes of cardio at least 4 times per week. Just do not make it your primary fitness activity if your goal is to get lean and fit.

Gaining a deeper understanding of the pitfalls of starting a new work out program could be the key to keeping, or ditching your 2019 goals. Again, I celebrate you for taking the step and am cheering you on to keep going.

xo Tarrah


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