The Early Bird Gets the Worm - Why Waking Up Early Can Make You More Successful

Does the thought of waking up before the sun rises make you cringe? You’ve thought about it but believe you’re a night person and are simply not wired to rise before the sun? Read on as I explain why hitting the snooze button could be holding you back from being a productivity powerhouse.

You’ve probably heard that successful people are notorious for being early risers. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson says “I'm up at 4 am everyday to work extremely hard BEFORE I go into work, not because I'm bat shit crazy (well maybe a little), but because I know my competitors are not paying that price and sacrificing to that degree - and that will always give me the edge and anchor for an opportunity for success.” Other powerhouses such as Richard Branson, Apple CEO, Tim Cook, Oprah, and Michelle Obama, all attribute their winning results to waking up early to get a head start in their day.

Although each of us are genetically predisposed to wake and sleep at different times, it IS possible to make some simple changes that will have you up with the birds in no time. Let me be clear before going further, cutting down on the hours you sleep (less than 7-8 hours), to get more done is NOT the goal. In fact, too little sleep can lead to unstable blood sugar levels, metabolic disorders, decrease immunity, and an increased likelihood of developing depression or dementia. Too little sleep will make you more likely to make poor dietary decisions, skip workouts, and be less productive at work. So if you’re wired as a night owl, how do you change your genetic code?

Your genes will dictate your tendencies, but your tendencies are not your destiny.

To start reprogramming your body to wake up earlier you need to get serious about the rest of your day:

  • Ensure you stop drinking fluids by 7:00 pm. Yes…we know getting our fluids in is important, but waking up throughout the night for 1-2 bathroom breaks will not give you the REM or, deep sleep you need in order to wake up feeling fully rested

  • Avoid intense exercise 3 hours before bed. Revving up your engine puts your body into a sympathetic state, also known as the fight or flight state. Being here slows down digestion, and increases your body’s inflammatory response, making it harder to fall asleep

  • Coffee, we’re not going to get into this one because you already know better. Stay away from caffeine 5-8 hours before bedtime!

  • Wind down at least 1 hour before hitting the sack. This means turning off the tv, ipads, phones, and any other piece of electronics that emit blue light. Blue light is known to disrupt our natural circadian rhythm, otherwise known as our natural sleep cycle

  • Take your magnesium. Dr. Mark Hyman, MD calls it the relaxation mineral, promoting better sleep

  • Stop hitting the snooze button. Once you’ve committed to owning your day and waking up at 5:00 am, DO NOT go back on your word. It may feel hard at first, but stick to it and in time you’ll likely be waking up before your alarm

Now that you’ve gotten your body reprogrammed to wake up earlier you want to practice, practice, practice. We all know that changing habits can be hard. Here are some prompts that you can read to yourself everyday, until waking up early becomes as routine as brushing your teeth.

  1. I want to wake up early so I can go to the gym and be as physically fit as I can.

  2. I want to start my day early so I can meditate and gain better clarity in my life and business.

  3. I want to start my day in a relaxed and peaceful state.

How Create Your Dream Morning Routine

What would feel great when you master your alarm clock? Your favorite cup of coffee or tea? Reading your favorite book while wrapped in a blanket? Meditating to clear your mind? Creating your dream morning routine means choosing things that will inspire you to break your old habits. Waking up to a pile of laundry, a messy kitchen, or aggressive emails is not motivating, and is likely to stop you from choosing new behavior.

Here’s what my dream morning routine looks like

4:00 am workout

4:00 am workout

  • Gym days - Wake up at 3:30 am

    • 1 tbsp apple cider vinegar

    • Workout 1-1.5 hours (cardio & weights)

    • Come home and sit in a 10 minute meditation

    • Coffee with MCT powder + coconut oil

    • Study TIR (Thinking into Results) 30 mins to 1 hour

    • Blog, Instagram, or Facebook post

    • Kids wake up = Morning routine is OVER

  • Non gym days - Wake up at 5:00 am

    • same as above

Once you begin to adopt your own dream routine you’ll become addicted, especially if you have fur babies or little humans that NEED you when they wake up. Taking the time, whether it be 2 hours or a 1/2 hour for yourself, by yourself will start your day in a positive way, help you get clear on your goals, become more productive in your work and home life, and make you a much calmer and happier person.

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