Transformation is Not Linear

I see you reach out to me and you’re all gung ho but when it comes down to making a commitment and helping yourself… you go quiet. My guess is that you’ve been doing this your whole life. How long is this going to go on where you play yourself, seeking help and answers, but never taking the steps to do it?

It’s time for a bit of butt kicking with a side of love babe.  If you have some big and lofty goals that you want to achieve for yourself, whether it be for your health or your life, you need to listen up.

Do you spend entire conversations complaining about your symptoms, pain or struggles?

Do you avoid the beach or getting naked with your partner because you are embarrassed?

Are you exhausted?

Suffer from joint pain, weight gain, or brain fog and accept that it’s all ok?

This is no way to live.

When it comes to transformation it is not linear!  Healing your body involves a deep commitment. It requires patience and an understanding that things will go wrong. The scale won’t always budge, and you will fall off the wagon, but you don’t give up. You simply tweak where you are and keep moving forward.

My journey from fitness freak, food controller, and stressed out momma has been a long road. It’s required changing habits, and re-defining my definition of health. I sought out every traditional and holistic practitioner I could find, from Osteopaths, Naturopaths, Doctors, Massage Therapists, and all the way to Psychotherapists, and Shamanic healers. My journey taught me that I will never fully arrive at the end of perfect health. I’ve found protocols that work, until they don’t, and then I pivot. You learn about your body, how it’s speaking to you and you give it what it’s asking for. This is what I teach.


What happens if you stay where you’re at?

What happens if you do the same, which is nothing? Are you willing to feel that way for another 10-20 years?

Wherever you are you must do the uncomfortable work and dive in right where you’re at. There is never going to be the perfect time to begin. Your health doesn’t work around your to-do list, or wait for the right time to start. If your body is breaking down right now, it’s not waiting until you have some time to address it.  

So when it comes to doing the work and achieving those health goals, it starts now. Take imperfect action. The journey will get messy along the way. But you have to keep going and keep tweaking and not give up on yourself.

I’ll start on Monday, or when I’m back from my trip!

This is failure mentality babe! The failure to recognize that you have the power within you right now to make a choice that supports your future self, and your future health which will lead to a more vibrant, powerful, energetic purposeful life.  

You don’t have to be stuck.  I’m here to support you. Don’t hesitate to reach out.  I’ll help you dive in, do the work, and get the support and the accountability you need. More than anything I’ll give you the structure so you know exactly what you need to do, when you need to do it, instead of having to second guess everything or to try and find your own solutions.

STRUCTURE is key to making this shift happen. If you’re ready you can apply right here, and if you want to learn more, click here.

xo Tarrah