How to Rewire Your Brain for Food Freedom

Do you ever wish that you never obsessed about food, your next meal, or what you ate last night that you regret today?  Do you watch the clock and calculate when your next meal is, or use every bit of willpower you have to keep you from not grabbing a cookie off the coffee room table?  I've been there and done that.  I was forever thinking about food, and often wished I could be free.  I looked at those people who could just take one bite and walk away with envy.


What changed?  There were a number of factors, but there were two big things that made all the difference.  The first thing I did was to get my body into a state where food and the thought of it didn't take over.  This began when I started fueling my body properly with adequate protein, moderate carbohydrates, healthy fats, and at least 25 grams of fiber per day.  Biologically, when we start stabilizing blood sugar levels through reducing carbohydrates, increasing healthy fats, and getting enough daily fiber our bodies' natural cues of fullness, and satiety begin to kick in.  When our body starts running on the proper ratio of macro-nutrients and insulin spikes stop, dopamine receptors start to replenish, and cravings start to lose their grip.  To add, leptin starts firing again, and our feelings of fullness returns after we eat a meal.

The second, and key factor, is changing old patterns of behavior.  Yes, you've made huge strides when you get your body running optimally with food changes, but that alone is not enough.  Under times of stress, sadness and even boredom, we can easily resort back to old patterns of behavior and turn to food as a comfort, even with our bodies functioning optimally.  After all, our brains stores memory, and rest assured, it remembers how good a bowl of Ben and Jerry's made you feel the last time you had a bad day.  Like a recovering alcoholic removes alcohol from their homes, you too need to remove trigger foods from yours.  Creating new habits can take weeks, and for some, months to become an everyday part of life.  Don't be a hero and rely on willpower.  I'm not here to say, never eat this, or stay away from that, but I am telling you to give yourself the time and space your body needs to heal, rewire, and begin running optimally again.


If you are ready for food freedom drop me a line.  I'd love to chat.