MODULE 1: Goal Setting Roadmap

Welcome!  In this first module we’re going to work through the process of setting clear goals and you will start noticing how you are feeling in your daily life in order to start making the shifts necessary to step into the healthiest version of yourself.   

In this first training we are not going to talk about food, exercise or meal plans.  Yes, that’s right and here’s why. Have you ever started a diet before, done really well for a few days, or maybe even a few weeks, and then life threw you a curveball?  Your kid got sick, your boss asked you to stay late, or your babysitter bailed on you at the last minute? And as quickly as you started, you stopped, and found yourself back at square one again. I want to let you in on a little secret!  It wasn’t your sick child, your boss, or the lack of childcare that derailed you. It was your deep rooted beliefs.

You are going to develop an awareness that deciding what you want, and getting what you want are two completely different subjects.  You will learn how to master your mind, get clear on your big WHY, and develop an arsenal of tools to keep you focused on your goals even when life gets in the way.  

So in this module we are going to focus on #1 Awareness, #Setting an Intention, #3 Getting Clear on your Goal, and #4 The Skills & Tools to accomplish what you really want.

Alright!  Let’s get started. 

Click the button for the first lesson. Once you’ve read it, go to the How Mindful Are You Worksheet and complete each question.

Great job! Next click on the INTENTION button below and read through the document. You will need to pause a few times to complete the Intention Worksheet.

Once you’re finished the INTENTION lesson click below to the GETTING CLEAR ON YOUR GOAL button and read through the lesson. You will need to refer back to the Intention Worksheet.

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